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The Magic of Ladurée

There are few places that give me greater pleasure than Ladurée.  Those tiny, pastel colored cakes.  The way les serveurs wear coattails and refer to you as mademoiselle.  Let’s not forget the way they add a single, beautiful rose petal to their St. Honoré.  There’s […]


Estiatorio Milos

I’m sitting here in my pajamas blogging about the most scrumptious lunch I had the other day.  After months and months of telling anyone who would listen that I wanted to go to Milos, I finally did.  Located on West 55th, this Michelin starred restaurant […]


5 Rules to Eating Comme une Française!

There are certain things that the French do in regards to food that Americans simply do not.  Countless books and articles have been written, attempting to figure out the svelteness of the french form.  It’s really not all that hard.  There are 5 rules that […]

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A Chocolat Chaud Kind of Day

America is my country, but Paris is my hometown. On a trip to my fabulous city to take my final exams at the Sorbonne, I stopped off at Angelina’s.  What I really mean by that, is that I collapsed into a plush chair at Angelina’s after […]

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