This story begins in Paris.

A man and a woman (un homme et une femme) met on the banks of the River Seine, and fell in love in a café over hot croissants and even hotter espresso.

Je plaisante, but this story does begin in Paris.  After an unsuccessful attempt at American University, I was persuaded to drag myself across the Atlantic to historic Paris, and to the even more historic Université de la Sorbonne.  In a magical world, I would have tombée amoureuse with a handsome Frenchman over buttery croissants.  Malheuresement, we don’t live in a magical world.  In truth, I knew absolutely no one and even the City of Lights can get pretty lonely.  I happened across a language group in Le Marais that allowed me to not only make friends, but practice my formal French.  C’était magnifique!  When I returned to New York, I was sure such a group existed and I was determined to find it.

I googled for hours.  Nothing.  Rien.  And so, Parisian no holds barred attitude in hand, I started it myself.  Parlez Vous Franglais? was born, and from that, this blog was born as well.

What is Franglais, you ask???  It’s a mix of Anglais et Français, because that is what I am: a blend.  Un mélange.

J’éspere que vous aimerez ce blog.  Paris et le monde nous attendent!


Please send all inquiries to: kymberley@parlezvousfranglais.me

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Patricia Schneider says:

    Bonjour Kymberley-I am une grande Francophone, living in NYC and spending several weeks in my rented apt. in Paris…I found a card for “Franglais” in a resto in the Marais but it was for a Parisian group…I was hoping one would form in Manhattan, and read about yours in the “Bonjour Paris” article. I’m psyched-have signed up for your newsletter.
    One question: What is the price for each session?
    Merci beaucoup!


    • Bonsoir Patricia! So glad you read about us on Bonjour Paris! I also searched for something similar with no luck, which is why I started this program! We are launching in NYC this January after the holidays and each event is $29 wine included! A bientot, j’espere!


  2. Patricia Schneider says:

    Bonsoir, Kymberley-thanks for getting back to me. So glad you took the initiative…Look forward to meeting you at the January event. Until then, Joyeuses Fetes! A bientot, certainement.


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