La Parisienne

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Pour le Plaisir

Today is another rainy day- actually, it’s more like torrential out there.  The streets are flooding and it’s miserable, so I’m doing what I do best- watching tv. I’ve thrown on my nightgown and robe, slathered myself in cream from L’Occitane, made a vanilla bean tea (avec du lait et citron) and am pretty much set to not leave my house for the rest of the day.

I’d like to give you all another film to watch: La Parisienne starring Brigitte Bardot.  I know, je sais, it’s dated, but it’s a complete classic.  Personally, I’m not ashamed to admit that the classics bore me.  I’d rather watch an episode of Hannah Montana than a black and white film, but this movie is great AND en couleur!

red dress

La Parisienne is about a young girl, infatuated by a man who works for her father.  Who is her father, you ask?  Only the President de la Republique!   And who is the man she pines for?  Only her father’s aide, the handsome philanderer, Michel. After having snuck in his bed one night and tricking her father into believing something untoward had happened (!), she married the object of her infatuation- only to discover he’s not the attentive husband she was hoping for!  I won’t spoil to story of course, but a whole lot of shenanigans ensue, and Brigitte (comme toujours) looks fabulous while doing it.



brigitte and dad

Her little skintight midi dresses are a dream, and I personally want one in every color!  This movie is definitely style inspiration, as well as husband inspiration (because who wouldn’t want to marry Henri Vidal??)




Grab a cup of tea or café and watch La Parisienne.  Be sure to tell me if you liked it!

a bientôt, les amis! xx

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