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A week ago I decided I was due a spa weekend, and a little pampering.  I don’t usually do that sort of thing- I’ve only ever had one massage before, but the winter doldrums were hitting me hard this year and so I figured the spa was the best medicine to perk me up!  We didn’t want to go too far, and so decided to hop on the train to the Ritz Carlton in Westchester, NY.   I wouldn’t necessarily call the city a tourist attraction, but if you’re just looking for a spa- the Ritz Carlton is perfect.  Our suite was beautiful and massive- just the way I like them!  The staff kindly supplied us with welcome chocolates, as well as all of our favorite magazines.




We arrived around 5pm on a saturday all packed and ready to go down to the lounge for dinner…. until we decided that dinner is always best served in your hotel room, and eaten in your robe.

Kym Robe

We ordered down, and I had a bath with Asprey salts while I waited.



When it finally arrived, the server rolled in a white clothed table into the middle of our suite.  Absolutely perfect if you want to have dinner, but are too tired or lazy to go downstairs!

I started with a caesar salad with grilled shrimp.  The shrimp was delicious and very fresh.  I quickly got to work on that, only pausing to wash it down with some champagne.

shrimp salad

My sister got a french onion soup- she has a bit of an obsession with it.  I must say I’ve personally never been a fan.  I didn’t even like it in Paris, and if it’s not good there it won’t be good anywhere.

I followed my salad with the kobe burger.  Not necessarily sure that the two go together, but you don’t say no to kobe beef.  My sister had the New York strip steak which was cooked to perfection.


Feeling stuffed, we forwent dessert and hopped right into bed with cups of coffee…



…and then I promptly fell asleep.  I awoke to my sister tapping me letting me know that we had a 10am spa appointment.  Same as last night, we ordered down for a quick breakfast of smoked salmon, pastries, and egg whites and chugged down a couple of cappuccinos.


I threw my comfy sweats on, my easiest black cashmere, and my hotel slippers and walked down the hall to the spa.  We were greeted at the desk, given robes and slippers, and ushered into the relaxation room.  I started with an hour long massage, which was so lovely I cannot even express.  Lavender essential oils were used to send me into deep relaxation mode.


I went for a quick steam and a cup of tea, before being ushered into my facial.  It was slightly painful, a little strange, and 1,000% worth it.  My skin has absolutely never looked better.  I spent the rest of the afternoon eating snacks and reading Vogue in the relaxation room, while my sister had her own pampering done.  It was so exactly what I needed, and the staff was so friendly and attentive I will definitely be going back!



Apologies for the horridly grainy and out of focus picture- wasn’t allowed in with my camera: spa rules.  Finally, it was time to return home.  Sadly, I had a 5pm meeting, and then a dinner so we had to be off.  We set off for home, but not before being properly thanked for our stay and offered parting beverages.  It. Was. Lovely.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend a stay!  Even if it’s just a day trip, the Ritz Carlton charges $15/day for use of the spa!

Check them out here.

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