The Magic of Ladurée

Le Food, Pour le Plaisir

There are few places that give me greater pleasure than Ladurée.  Those tiny, pastel colored cakes.  The way les serveurs wear coattails and refer to you as mademoiselle.  Let’s not forget the way they add a single, beautiful rose petal to their St. Honoré.  There’s pretty much nothing I dislike about them.  So, when the tea salon FINALLY opened in Soho, NYC I was happy as a clam.  Or a palourde.  (Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?)

beautiful tarts


It’s pretty much been my regular spot since.  Happy?  Go to Laudurée.  Sad?  Go to Ladurée.  Cranky?  Go to Ladurée.  So on and so forth.

little cakes

The first time I’d ever been was in London, at Harrods.  I must admit, to this day it’s still my favorite.  In my opinion, it far surpasses their flagship store on the Champs Élysées.

The most fabulous cake Ladurée boasts is the St. Honoré Rose Fromboise. This. Is. My. Favorite. Cake. EVER.  Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?


Those tiny puff pastry balls are full of rose flavored chantilly cream, and those raspberries are fresh and flavorful.  I don’t even feel icky after having eaten the cake- it’s almost like it’s healthy, wouldn’t you say?  Good for the soul and all.  Not to mention the Tarte Religieuse– because it’s clearly a religious experience.  (Also comes in chocolat– are you not dying?!)


Tarte a la Rhubarbe- side note: order extra Chantilly Cream on the side if you want to be extra naughty.


On a super exciting note: they recently started a beauty line.  They carry perfume as well as the most delicious scented candles you’ll ever smell!

SPEAKING OF CANDLES: I’m doing a fantastique little giveaway on Facebook/Instagram.  The winner will receive their very own Ladurée scented candle straight from the Madison Avenue boutique.  Follow me on Instagram @thepetitefranglaise and leave a comment on the giveaway post telling me what your favorite French word is!


Grosses Bises! xx

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